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Summer Reading is Brain Food

Summer Reading keeps our students' brains humming. Please make the Public Library a regular stop every 2 weeks. There are books in many languages for parents, and Victory kids will love the children's collection!

Please think of books for birthday gifts, and provide time for the entire family to read at home: newspapers, magazines, and books, books, books.

Reading on the patio, on the plane, at the beach, in a park, before you fall asleep at night, early in the morning, on your comfy chair, reading ANYWHERE!

Caught Reading!
Caught Reading!
Another series at Victory Library
Another series at Victory Library

The Library at Victory EL

Everyone is welcome to our library !



Welcome, readers and researchers of Victory EL. The library's mission is to nourish and create lifelong readers who have the skills to enter any library in the world and feel at home choosing and reading great stories, researching topics and reading just because. Whether it be a book, a Kindle, or a magazine, Victory students love to read.

Library Hours

The library is open on school days from 10 am to 1 pm. Classes come once a week OR once every two weeks, depending on the grade level and teachers' options. We have close to 9,000 books that reflect the curriculum of each grade level. In addition, children may come in during their recess and lunch when the door is open. There is a magazine browsing section, and some great fiction for ALL reading levels as well. Come and visit us in the Library Patio south of the Cafeteria. See you soon!      

Pouring through Pet Books
Second Grade is pouring though the Mercy Watson series by DiCamillo

We Need Adult Volunteers: Will Train

Parents who have time to volunteer in our Library once a week between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm on school days, please contact the library aide via the Main Office or in the Library.  Knowing the order of the alphabet is a plus, as well as a willingness to learn. Thanks!

Links to Reading and Library Skills


Victory Library Catalog Online

Learn the Dewey Decimal system:

Visit the L.A. Public Library site: great kids pages, photo library, and so much more.

Also in Spanish. 

Find some great titles and order them at your public library!

Library Service Takes the Cake

campus4.JPGOur 26 fourth and fifth graders who are in LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB are a talented and earnest group this year! Not only do they come EVERY week to meet, but they come in on their free time to shelve, play the DEWEY game online, and practice their library skills. The Victory Library functions well because the CLUB is here to help. They are also having fun. They DO take the cake.  Happy Reading.


Library Service Hosts Re-Opening of Our Library

075.JPGAfter being awarded a grant from Koreh L.A., who also provides us with reading mentor volunteers every week, we re-opened the library at Victory EL with 1200 new books. Thanks to Library Service, we had a welcoming and entertaining Celebration. Third graders from Ms Kaplan and Ms Moreno's classes sang "Read a Book!" with gusto, and guests included Toyota Corp reps, city council reps, and the children's librarian at Valley Plaza Library! Cookies and fun were had by all.

Thank you Koreh L.A. for bring our students delight, joy and fun.

Koreh L.A. Reading Mentor and her charge
Koreh L.A. Reading Mentor and her charge

Koreh L.A. volunteer Joi Horowitz works with her reading student on comprehension. It was a break-through moment. Thanks, Joi! We have four other volunteers who read and work with selected students to enrich their reading abilitiies.  Kudos to ALL of them!